Hearing God Speak

An issue for many people is, “How do I know when God is speaking to me?” and Dr. Philipp Cary of Eastern University provides a good answer. You can read what Dr. Cary wrote here from the Canadian Lutheran online magazine.

As is pointed out, too often we want to look first at the subjective voices we are hearing that come from within us instead of the objective voice our Lord provides in His Holy Word. If we read God’s Word we will discover what He says on any number of issues, including those that are causing us worry and concern.

For example, we ask ourselves “How do I know if I love (so and so) and does he or she love me?” Where do we go? To the Bible to see what God says. In 1 Corinthians 13 we discover some of the characteristics of love–am I modeling those characteristics in my current relationship? That will help tell us if love is part of the equation.

Also, we can read 1 John 4 and 5 to see further what love is all about. Here we see the apostle John speaking of love in terms of giving up one’s life for another. Are we ready to do that with our special person?

There are many ways to use God’s Word to help answer our questions but first and foremost, we must read His Word regularly. The more we read the more we will know. And we won’t be stuck listening to ourselves when we’re wrestling with important issues. Our emotions tend to cause us to look at situations and people from the wrong angle. God’s angle is so much better.

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