The Secret to Long Marriages in Holiday Island

Due to circumstances beyond my control (namely, God and His gift of weather) I have been able to conduct significant scientific research into why so many couples are married for very long times here in Holiday Island AR. We have couples married for 50, 60, and 70 years plus. Rarely do you hear of someone filing for divorce in this community. Folks are sticking together, and by the grace of God, enjoying long marriages.

The reason why? I feel certain that if couples can learn to live with each other every hour of every day they are snowed in together, the rest is a piece of cake.

We have experienced two different occasions in the past 10 days where snow and ice have prevented almost everyone from leaving their homes. The Holiday Island street department does a more than admirable job in tackling the task of snow removal on our lanes. But frankly they are a bit overwhelmed due to a lack of equipment and the number of steep inclines on the roads throughout our community. My former members in New Jersey are certainly smirking as they read this but hey, you get what you pay for. With our taxes being less than one eighth what they are in Jersey, we have it pretty good. With the tax rate in Ringwood, those roads should be as clean as a baby’s behind!

I got sidetracked there … if couples can learn to laugh and love during their time of closed in captivity because of snow, those same couples can endure almost anything that is thrown at them. My wife and I have had a marvelous time together during these past few days. Of course it helps to have an upper and lower level to our home where we can go to spend some “quiet” time by ourselves too.

Couples who move to Holiday Island have a certain adventurous spirit about them. How else can you explain people moving away from their familiar surroundings to someplace new? That spirit bodes them well for long winter days at home–together.

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