Arkansas, Computer Science Leader

Many of you who have never lived in or much less visited the beautiful state of Arkansas are probably shaking your heads at the title of this post–Arkansas, Computer Science Leader. But I have proof as laid out eloquently in this article from

Our recently elected governor, Asa Hutchinson, feels very strongly about the teaching of computer science in our schools. To not only get the law passed but to have 5 million dollars set aside for its implementation is quite an accomplishment for the governor.

For all the classes that I took in high school, college and seminary the most valuable class for me was my typing class I took as a high school sophomore. I was enabled to build upon the meager skills I demonstrated in that class to become a reasonably proficient keyboardist today. What I really miss the most from that class was all the attention I received from the senior girls sitting around me trying to help me improve …

It may be that some students in Arkansas will be blessed with opportunities for growth and employment because of the computer science classes they take.

We certainly need something better than Facebook and Twitter!

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