Mid-Week Stewardship Thought

Following God’s Ways

Since the fall of Adam, man has been tempted and tested and has failed.  Temptations exist, and, by our own strength, we can’t resist.  God gives us discernment and wisdom to see temptations as they are.  His strength enables us to resist the pulls of the flesh, the world, and Satan.  God gives us the spiritual strength to say “no.”  God does not keep us immune from problems, but He promises, “I will be with [you] in trouble . . .” (Psalm 91:15b).

The difference between falling to temptations and following God’s ways is analogous to traveling an unsafe road versus a straight road.  When we hold fast to God’s ways, we are on His straight road of life that offers blessings and protection.  The unsafe road is full of dangerous curves and potholes that lead to curses and death.

God shows all of us the way, but we are given the choice to follow or not to follow.  If we seek life, peace, and joy, we need to pick God’s road.  If we follow God’s way, love Him, and put our trust in Him, we will avoid the unsafe road and the miseries of this life.

Prayer: Dear good and gracious Heavenly Father, the world pulls at me to follow its ways.  Grant me faith to see the foolish ways of the world and follow You.  Through Christ, I pray.  Amen.

Blessings on your stewardship journey!

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