Letting Your Child Be a Child and Learn at the Same Time

The ongoing story about a Maryland family and their dealings with the local police over whether or not the children are safe on the streets by themselves really drives me nuts. You can read a Washington Post columnist’s reaction here.

I have written previously about how far and wide I roamed as a child from my house and I lived to tell about it. Under today’s goofy standards, I would have been arrested when I sent my 6 year old son off to kindergarten as my wife and I allowed him to walk to and from school–with a friend–without parental supervision or hovering over them.

I suppose I would today have to go to every house along such a route and speak with the people to inform them what I was doing and for them not to be alarmed when they saw two children walking by themselves. I could also tell them to mind their own business but that might be considered rude.

In an overreaction to our world today, we want to place our children in protective cocoons so that nothing can harm them. That’s not possible and it’s not healthy for them either.

Common sense goes a long way here and that is something we seem to be short of these days.

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