An Unhateful Act

I am providing a link to an opinion piece from Sunday’s Arkansas Democrat Gazette which offers some pertinent thoughts to the notion of perceived hatred toward those involved in alternate lifestyles. The author is Conor Friedersdorf and it was originally published in The Atlantic Monthly. You can read it here.

Those who have been accused of showing hatred toward they choose not to serve have faced much persecution for their stances. It appears as if the actual facts do not support the accusations but we all have been guilty of believing the worst about others without knowing the truth (that’s why we have the Eighth Commandment which speaks directly to how we deal with those around us).

Give this some thought. Do you always demonstrate love toward those who don’t match your standards or specifications? And does that love always mean we have to give everyone what they ask for?

We live in interesting times. May we always live in a way that reflects Jesus Christ and His love.

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