The Changing of the Flags

I had the sad task yesterday of taking my St. Louis Blues flag off the stand in our front yard. As the Blues lost yesterday to Minnesota, 4-1, and their series 4 games to 2, their season is now finished. Their season has ended prematurely for the 47th consecutive year (not that I am counting) in their quest for the Stanley Cup.

This season ended like so many before: hopes and expectations high but actual results come up wanting. In yesterday’s game, the young goaltender, Jake Allen, played more like rookie than someone who has faced these battles before. Of course, it didn’t help that the offense was nowhere to be found.

I am at the point where when there is pressure on a Blues’ goalie I always keep my eye on the net behind him as too many shots find their way to that location. The last great goalie I remember for the Blues was Glenn Hall–their very first goalie in 1968!

My prayer at the beginning of every hockey season is that the Blues compete well throughout the 82 game schedule and I add, if it be God’s will, let the team win the Stanley Cup before I die. The older I get, the more I seem to be testing the Lord on that point.

But I did take down my Blues flag and replaced it with my St. Louis Cardinals flag. I always wait until either team’s season is done before putting away my yard ornament. I am always very hopeful that their season will be extended to the end. Usually that doesn’t happen but it is fun watching.

The Cardinals are playing well in the early days of their schedule but some ominous clouds have formed which can dampen the remainder of the year. This past weekend’s series in Milwaukee ended well with more victories than losses but in each game they lost a starting player–Yadier Molina Friday night, Adam Wainwright Saturday, and Jason Heyward on Sunday. Molina and Heyward will be back very soon for minor injuries but Wainwright appears to finished for the year with an Achilles tendon rupture.

Now the team can find what they are really made of. It will be interesting to watch.

One thought on “The Changing of the Flags

  1. Not much of a Blues fan but have to follow the hockey playoffs since the grandchildren are Rangers fans. I remember those first seasons, especially with Glenn Hall in the net along with Jacques Plante (and the attention given to Hall for being among the first goalies to wear a mask; now, of course, every goalie has a mask and they are approaching works-of-art status).

    The Cardinals have a very interesting season ahead of them now. We get to see how all the young pitching develops under the pressure of the season. Hopefully Adam will be in the dugout as a coach and Yadi doesn’t take too many hits to the knees. This will also be a measure of the 2nd level players; can they fill the voids created by the early season injuries.

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