Religious Nonprofits, Plan Now for Tax-Exemption Battle

In this opinion piece written by Leslie Loftis for the, an alarming fact is quickly emerging—between the Federal Government and our court system, actions are being considered that will remove the tax exempt status of most, if not all, nonprofit organizations. You can read about it here.

What this means is that churches, church related schools, agencies of mercy, plus a whole lot more had better understand that the consideration of removing the organization’s status as pertaining to our tax laws could happen much sooner than thought before.

Many will brush off the thought that such an action could take place but after considering what has happened concerning rights and non-discrimination policies of homosexuals and how the definition of marriage is under attack in the Supreme Court, don’t be surprised to see this attack on tax exempt status to be the next battle ground.

Be prepared—this will not be an easy contest.

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