Back Up Your Trailer By Turning a Knob

Take a look at this article from which explains new technology available on the 2016 Ford F-150 pickup truck. It allows you to back up a trailer by only twisting a knob. The truck handles the rest.

It is amazing what engineers can do these days. When I was a student, I worked at a service station that handles U-Haul rentals and it never failed that a customer would attempt to back the trailer into a spot when he returned it. Usually that was a moment of laughter for us employees as the person would move that trailer in every direction except where he wanted it to go. Finally we would go and bail him out by simply disconnecting the trailer from the hitch and moving it by hand. It sure saved the person from further embarrassment.

But what Ford has developed will make anyone a “master” at backing up a trailer. And no one will laugh.

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