Newspaper Cartoons–Why I Don’t Read Them Anymore

As a kid, I enjoyed reading and laughing at the comics in the newspaper. We had the St. Louis Post Dispatch delivered in the afternoon so I was the first member of the family to tear apart the paper and one of my last stops was the comics page. It was fun giggling at what Beetle Bailey got in trouble, Blondie and Dagwood doing goofy things but always loving each other and other such comics. As I grew older, I developed a love for more “serious” comics, particularly Steve Roper. It fascinated me to see how a cartoonist could develop a story line over many weeks and clearly give life to that story in three or four panels every day. Of course, the bonus was on Sunday when the story moved along a little faster because there were more panels.

Today, I rarely look at the comics. I don’t find them very funny nor interesting. Humor in comics seems to have taken the same direction as comedy on television and what I see just doesn’t appeal to me. It’s just like how fifteen years ago or so, everyone was passing jokes around on the internet. Today, not so much. Is our world less funny? Maybe …

Anyway, here is an example of what I feel is a funny comic strip. This is from B.C. by Johnny Hart. The artwork is from the cover of a book containing a collection of Mr. Hart’s comics. I still laugh today just thinking about this one. Maybe you will too. Enjoy!


One thought on “Newspaper Cartoons–Why I Don’t Read Them Anymore

  1. Jerry Seinfeld recently complained that audiences want comics to be PC. Comedy is anti-PC.
    How can you laugh at behaviors, concepts or anything without being politically in-correct?

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