Accuracy and Compassion

Much has been said these past few days about the video released from the Center for Medical Progress which purportedly catches an official from Planned Parenthood speaking about the sale of post-abortive fetal tissue for medical research. I am not going to add my lack of knowledge to the heap that has already been dumped on the world, but I would like to direct you to read this post from Dr. Jeffrey Gibbs of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis MO who is much more qualified than I to speak about this topic.

Dr. Gibbs presents a good case for how Christians ought to react to this video (start by reading the actual transcript of the event to get all the facts) and how we ought to be motivated by the same compassion our Lord has for us rather than the outrage and anger so many are spewing these days.

Also, it bothers me that the representative of Planned Parenthood was approached by two others who presented themselves in ways that disguised who they were and what they were there for. I certainly don’t believe in the goals of Planned Parenthood but I find this type of behavior (of deception) to be far from what our Lord expects of us. A second sin certainly does not correct or balance the first sin.

Maybe you feel the same–maybe you don’t, but I think we all can agree that being motivated by the compassion of our Heavenly Father as shown us through His Son, Jesus, is the best way to approach this and every issue.

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