Tragedy in Oregon

This has been a disturbing year when it comes to gunmen attacking groups of people, particularly at schools. The latest incident in Oregon follows a sad pattern of an individual attacking others for what seems to be no reason. But here is where the story goes a little deeper (although under reported by the media): those shot were asked if they were Christian and if they were the attacker shot them. You can read about it here.

The persecution of believers in Jesus for their faith has been going on since Christ ascended into heaven. Now we see it throughout the world, even here in America.

May the Lord continue to be gracious in providing His peace and grace for those called to defend their faith.

One thought on “Tragedy in Oregon

  1. The media here really latched onto the Christian aspect early, now the focus is the mental status. An evil, twisted person and yet he may be forgiven for being just that.

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