Is Recycling Really Helping Our World?

In this opinion piece from this past Sunday’s New York Times, the author makes his case that our current mode of recycling doesn’t do all that much and is too expensive. You can read it here.

In the church, we teach and preach that we are to be good stewards (managers) of all the Lord has given to us, including our waste. It was natural that the idea of recycling caught on quickly with church members. As the writer points out, the expense of handling our recycled waste is greater today than the value of reusing what we throw away.

Plus, the benefits of recycling may have been overstated, especially when it comes to gas emissions. I am sure there are plenty of other opinions out there which contradict this writer.

I don’t mind recycling, although I have to drive to our county’s recycling center to dispose of cardboard (they won’t pick it up with the other recyclables). But have we discovered that our best efforts to reuse aren’t bringing forth the results previously expected? Should some new ideas be applied to this area of our lives?

There are no simple answers. Only a bunch of questions. Isn’t that true of every part of our lives?

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