The Members of ISIS May Not Have Started Out as Muslims

I came across this opinion piece in the New York Times from a couple of weeks ago which offers that over 80% of those in France who have joined the ISIS movement came from non-religious families. It seems that many of those joining are searching for joy in their lives.

Here is a quote from Mr. Douthat’s column:

The deep reality here (a reality not unlike the one that’s playing itself out on certain college campuses right now) is that many human beings, especially perhaps young human beings, still crave a transcendent purpose, even in a society that tells them they don’t really need one to live a comfortable, fulfilling life. And more than that, many people experience both a kind of liberation and a kind of joy in submission to these purposes, even — as is the case with ISIS — when that submission involves accepting forms of violence and cruelty that rightly shock the conscience of the world.

With families falling apart, education not being very stimulating, the church unsure as to what it should offer those who attend, is it any wonder that young people today are confused about their future and goals for their life?

It may be that the basic solution for dealing with ISIS begins, literally, at home. We can dump all the money and military into this problem but to actually address the reasons for groups like this mushrooming in popularity begins with work in a more difficult area–the collapse of the nuclear family.

Those who are choosing today guns as solutions to their problems, I would imagine, have a pretty interesting family life that left them hurt and angry.

It’s just a thought and I’m afraid there is more truth here than we realize.

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