Want to Know How to Give? Here’s An Example

I read the following letter to the editor in today’s Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

On the first of November, I caught a flight in Fort Smith to my new duty station in Stuttgart, Germany. I was not traveling in uniform, but I am 6’8″. This will be important later.

I always try to be the last person on the plane for the simple reason that I am already going to have to sit on the plane uncomfortably for a while, so why make it longer? As they give the last call, I walk up to the counter, check in and prepare to board. I am standing in line when I hear someone walk up behind me. I turn around and say hello, and I recognize the gentlemen as Sen. John Boozman. He asks me if I am typically uncomfortable in plane seats and then asks if I want to change seats. He has a first-class ticket and knows that I am in coach. Not because I am in the military–he didn’t know that yet. He did it just because I am tall and would be uncomfortable. Of course I decline the first offer, but he insists.

Now I fly upwards of 30 times a year for the last several years and have never had this happen. I just wanted to say thanks again, Senator. I appreciated your kindness.


A simple act accompanied with kindness. This is how we put our faith in God to work. We don’t count the cost nor are we concerned about what kind of recognition we will receive. We just do because this is what our love of God motivates us to do.

Putting your faith in action is the best gift you can give this Christmas … and what you will receive in return will astound you.

Senator Boozman demonstrated his love for his Lord by offering his seat to someone else. What can you do?

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