Some Thoughts on Longevity at Valentine’s Day

Our culture has certainly invested itself in the notion that love is one of the most important emotions in our lives. Ergo, Valentine’s Day and everything that means for men, women, and children these days.

Love is certainly a component of a relationship but not the only thing. Humans and love form a fickle union which allows to many other elements to interject themselves and which can cause damage to those same relationships. While we express our love for someone, we also may harbor other thoughts (“Does my special someone love me for who I am or for who I can make them become?”, “He or she says they love me but do they really love everything about me?”, “I think I love them but if they would do this or that differently, then I know I love them.”–You get the picture) that will more accurately define our connection with that “special” person.

Here is an article from the Washington Post that helps to put some “meat on the bones” in the old age discussion of what is love and what elements are present in long lasting marriages that we can learn from.

As I have said before, what makes a marriage last long is a couple who are willing to put their complete trust in their Lord and allow Him to lead them. No matter what the situation is our God will be there with His grace and forgiveness for those who place Him first in their lives. That precept is working for my wife and me and I pray it works for you.

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