The Gift of a Day

The earth takes 365 1/4 days to go around the sun. So for our calendars to reflect the seasons of the year, we account for that quarter day by adding a day to the calendar every four years. And since we stick it on to the shortest month of the year, that day is today!

You could complain that you have to work an extra day this month without any extra pay. Or you could be glad that you are getting an extra day of rent free. But you should look at February 29 as a bonus, the gift of a day.

According to the folk tradition in many countries, women may propose to men during a leap year. In some versions, the man has to accept, and if he doesn’t, he has to pay a fine of giving the woman a present. In some cultures, women may propose marriage to a man any time during the year. In others, it has to be on “Leap Day”; that is, February 29. Some of you may want to take advantage of this.

Regardless of what this day means to you, by all means celebrate the gift God has given you–one more day to live in His kingdom.

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