That Word “Evangelical”

The word “evangelical” has a special place in Lutheran theology and usage. For us, it means “the Gospel” or “Gospel-centered”. Many Lutheran churches include the word evangelical in their names to distinguish them as sharers of the Gospel.

But for others, the word evangelical has warped into other meanings–usually far removed from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Russell Moore, a columnist for whom I have great respect, speaks eloquently on this topic. You can read what he wrote in the Washington Post here.

To be evangelical, you need to be Gospel-centered and I’m sad to say that many who attach that word to themselves do not hold the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the highest of regard.

I consider myself to be a Lutheran Christian and for me that means I’m evangelical. My faith in Jesus allows nothing else.

Be wary of those who toss about the term “evangelical.” Take a good look to see if they are actually following the teaching of Jesus Christ, our Savior from sin.

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