The “Bible Belt” Still Does Exist

Here is an interesting gathering of information concerning the religious behavior of residents of the 50 states of the United States of America. Follow this link to the Pew Research Center for all the info.

Most of the top ten states in terms of religious nature are from the southern part of our country. That has traditionally been home to the so-called “Bible Belt” where the level of religiosity has been purported as high. In my years of living in Arkansas, I have seen this level of faith begin to dwindle (although nowhere as low as the northeastern part of the country.

The one surprising state ranking is that for Wisconsin, which is very close to the bottom of this list. For all of my friends who have come from that state I would have expected their numbers to be higher. But maybe that was the number of bars throughout the state that was so high …

One thought on “The “Bible Belt” Still Does Exist

  1. Well, at least N.J. is still in the top 20. On a serious note, I find that the more “religious” people claim to be, they are not necessarily living the Christian life. I would check out the rates of teen pregnancy, divorce, adultery, racism and violence in all 50 states and see if being a religious state is indicative of anything more than lip service. We are all sinners, whether we label ourselves as such or not. It would be so unifying if all American Christians stopped comparing who is the better Christian and instead, love one another

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