Jesus Is Risen and Lives! Therefore


– Quit going about gloomy and dejected as though you are going to God’s funeral, but know that He lives and shall live forevermore.

– Quit living your life with the attitude and expression that you have little or nothing, when a living Lord guarantees that you have the greatest gift that one can possess.

– Quit looking at all the obstacles and problems about you, the wind and the waves that surround you, and look up to see the living God and know that He still reigns and rules.

– Quit worrying about whether the government is doing all they can for you, and know what God has done and will continue to do for you in all of your needs.

– Quit playing around with God’s Word and know that He who lives will carry out that Word to the letter.

– Do know that as a child of the living God, you are the most blessed and fortunate of all people.

– Do know that you did not choose God, but that He chose you, that you might be His own, now, today, and forever and ever.

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