Now This Is Service!

The internet service at our church was, to put it mildly, rather slow yesterday and today. I attempted what I could to fix it with no success. I called our service provider, Cox, this morning at 11 and they diagnosed the problem as being on “their end” and would require a serviceman to come to the church and replace the cable modem.

My thought was that I won’t see anyone until next week (based upon my experiences with the cable company, Cablevision, in New Jersey) but the tech on the phone said someone would contact me within an hour about coming either today or tomorrow. I said to myself, we’ll see about this.

Lo and behold, not long after a serviceman called and said he would be on site in less than a half hour. He arrived while I was teaching our Bible class and as I had previously given him directions where the modem was located, he called me to let me know he was there and then replaced the modem and called me to let me know the work was done and that he was leaving.

Amazing–all that finished within three hours of my original call. And I never met the guy!

I pray you receive similar service wherever you may be.

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