They’re Circling

My wife and I noticed a large group of buzzards close to our home earlier this week. Normally they are just flying around, looking for something to scavenge. But our neighbor took this picture:


These birds had roosted on our roof! It appeared that a deer had died not far from our home. We make that assumption because we also found a portion of a leg with a hoof in our yard!

We have had many suggestions of what we ought to do because of the buzzards. Most involve shooting them, although the buzzard is a protected specie in Arkansas, our UPS guy said these birds weren’t those and we could shoot them anyway! I’m not going out and buying a gun for this purpose (now about those squirrels attacking the bird feeders—that’s a different story).

It seems as if the birds have moved on to other hunting grounds since we haven’t seen the flock for a day or so.

My wife participates in a water aerobics class at our community pool and the other summer there was a bunch of vultures that began circling the pool while the class was in session. One of the ladies shouted at the birds, “Leave us alone! We’re not dead!”

If I see a return of the buzzards maybe I’ll try yelling the same thing.

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