A Sign of the Times

Earlier this week I received, by email, an invitation to a wedding. This was a first for me. The bride and groom will be married in a couple of weeks in the Pacific Northwest. The only trouble is that I received the invitation by mistake. I don’t know these people from Adam.

This got me thinking about how many other wedding invitations now are distributed this way. Look at the savings in costs of production and mailing. Add to that the savings in time and energy of addressing all those invitations, putting on stamps, taking them to the post office. Of course, the couple will find out if they have a wrong address when it returns to them after it is mailed. In the case of emailed invitations, you may never know if you sent it to the right person(s).

Now my quandary is this: do I respond to the invitation? Do I let them know they sent this to me by mistake? Or is the whole thing a scam trying to confirm viable addresses for more nefarious activities?

I’m probably just going to ignore the invite and leave the couple wondering if the actual intended recipient is or is not coming. That’ll show them!

3 thoughts on “A Sign of the Times

  1. At the rsik of inviting danger or creating trouble, I would respond. I would do it in a way that is gracious but in an inquisitive mood. They may have sent it thinking you were someone else or perhaps they have you in mind as the wedding officiant.

    • Tony,

      The groom and I share the same last name and the message was sent to an email address I never use. I suspect it was incorrectly addressed. I know I wasn’t thought of for officiating their service.

      Have you received an electronic invitation like I received? It’s difficult for me see society moving in this direction but with people announcing all sorts of things through Facebook or Twitter I guess this is the future.

      Cardinals are a mediocre team at best with major questions in every aspect of the game. Carpenter left tonight’s game with an oblique injury. Last night Peralta was hurt. Wonder who it will be tomorrow?

      They just don’t seem to have the same drive this year as previous years. At least the Cubs are discovering they won’t win every game.

      • I haven’t received e-mails addressed to someone who has my name. I have, however, received e-mails about job searches that contained the names of the other candidates for the job I was seeking (and would have been a violation of certain procedures).

        What I fear (and what I have said in the past) is that the use of social media tends to eliminate the need for thought. This includes grammar and punctuation as well.

        Social media can and will be a powerful tool for social change but it does not replace or be used for individual communications. That’s part of the reason why I don’t think worship services, especially communion, can ever be on-line. You need that actual contact with others to make it work.

        On the Cardinals, I sense that this is not the year. I was following the game on-line (which is sort of like when games were on radio and the announcer had to create the game from notes sent to him via telegraph – before our time) when the note popped up that there was an injury delay while Carpenter was at bat. But there wasn’t any sort of indication of what it was (had to go to the Cardinals website to find out what happened).

        The early season injury to Peralta has allowed Diaz to blossom and he should be the NL Rookie of the Year. The question will be how the Cardinals deal with these new injuries. They have the players but you cannot continue juggling players. There is a certain degree of chemistry on a time and changes like these have to disturb that chemistry. And it has to, literally, hurt when another player gets hurt. The Cardinals did a reasonable job of overcoming that last year (until the playoffs); I don’t think that they will do so this year.

        But they might surprise us all. We would like to have a team like the one in 2011 but the team in 2006 showed us that all things are possible.

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