The Desperation of the Losing Mentality

We have before us a World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. Neither team has won a World Series in my lifetime. Both teams have been somewhat close before but not this close. You could say both franchises have endured a “losers’ mentality,” that is, both teams have not tasted success in such a long time that all kinds of excuses have been used to explain their ineptitude. Examples: the Cubs blame a goat, Steve Bartmann, and a host of other sad reasons for losing; the Indians blame bad weather, poor location (you know all the jokes about Cleveland), and bad leadership of their team.

Well, things are about to change for one of the teams. One of these two will win (unless our Heavenly Father sends His Son on Judgement Day!).

How do these fans handle this change of events? According to Darren Rovell, of ESPN, they are spending money like there is no tomorrow. Here is what Rovell says:

Chicago Cubs fans hoping to see the first World Series title of their lifetime are driving up ticket prices. And it doesn’t help that most Cleveland Indians fans haven’t seen their team hoist a trophy, either.

The Cubs are hoping to win their first title since 1908, while the Indians have been waiting since 1948.

As of Sunday morning, the average ticket sold on StubHub for Games 3, 4 and 5 at Wrigley Field in Chicago was more than $3,000.

One fan bought four seats in a bullpen box along the first-base line for Game 5 for $17,950 each. A pair of seats was also purchased on StubHub for $16,000 a ticket for Games 3 and 4 — one by the Cubs’ dugout, the other one by the Indians’ dugout.

The highest total transaction on World Series seats on StubHub was for a Game 7 at Cleveland’s Progressive Field. A fan bought four tickets in the first row behind the Cubs’ dugout for $24,500 each, including fees. If a Game 7 isn’t necessary, the sale will be negated, and the buyer will receive a refund for the cost of the seats and fees.

What remains to be seen is whether the hottest ticket market in baseball history will sustain. When the Cubs clinched Saturday night, the cheapest ticket to get into Game 1 in Cleveland on StubHub was $1,090. By Sunday morning, one could be found for $850. Listed ticket prices to Game 3 in Chicago didn’t move up after the Cubs recorded their final out, with the cheapest standing-room ticket hovering around $2,275.

I still don’t care who wins but I do know that some fans are shelling out a whole lot of money to attend. Losers always want to change their ways–even when they are only watching. May the Lord save these people from themselves!

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