How Low Can It Go?

My wife and I took a day trip to Fort Smith AR yesterday. I previously had served a congregation in Fort Smith years ago and we went to see friends. We had a great time.

But I also wanted to fill my gas tank in Fort Smith as they have some of the lowest gas prices in the nation and I wasn’t disappointed. I stopped at the Sam’s Club on the eastern side of town (Walmart presence is legendary in this part of Arkansas–there are 6 Supercenters within a half hour drive of this town!) and using my Sam’s Club credit card (which gives me a 5 cents per gallon discount) my price per gallon was–$1.55.9!!

That meant for my wife’s Subaru (which we drove) I paid a little more than $26 for 17 gallons of gas. The car was almost out of gas by the time we got there but it was worth every drop.

Maybe it will keep dropping down to my hopeful price level of less than a dollar/gallon. Who knows?

But as for the rest of you–keep praying your price will get down to that level. If it does, mine will be even cheaper!

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