Music for Thanksgiving

For most homes, music on Thanksgiving is not a high priority. There is rather the blaring sounds from the television of the day’s football games (and no one will turn it down!) or the remaining family battles over politics, the problem of the day in our country (or within the family), or whatever. Sadly, there is not much room for soothing tones appropriate for the season.

What you say? Thanksgiving music? This might be a new thought (especially if you don’t go to church to celebrate Thanksgiving) but I am here to help you. Let me show you what Cheryl Magness from The Federalist offers us as music that will put us in a Thanksgiving mood. You may click here for all the tunes.

Honestly, since I gave up football a few years ago, Thanksgiving is a very blessed time with my wife and others. We can talk and pray and enjoy each other as we share a wonderful meal. This year we are going to the College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout MO to eat at their wonderful restaurant, The Keeter Center.

This school is a very special place as the students attend tuition free. They are required to work on campus every week and they literally earn their way through college. There are many tasks and jobs for which they are responsible including the restaurant. The food and service is top notch and reservations for Thanksgiving need to be made the first of August if you have any hope of eating there.

Thankfully, our members watch out for a fool like me and made the reservations. They will allow Barbara and me to tag along. We will enjoy ourselves immensely. Not only the food and service attracts us, there are also musicians who play during the dining time.

Sure beats football …

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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